Coming in at 86cm x 64cm (32 x 25 inches) this isn't your average Chinese vase. With a rich mustard yellow glaze and striking motif of a Dragon and Phoenix moulded in relief across the top this is a show stopper.


Not actually a vase at all, this is a Martaban Jar, made for the shipping of goods on sea voyages. This type of vessel was common across Asia and takes it's name from the transit port of Marta Ban in Burma, a common stop in the trade route traveled by the ships carrying this pottery. Primarily designed to carry foods and liquids, the jars themselves were prized and widely traded. 


They often carry a design of relief moulded dragons, this is the only one wecan find to feature the dragon and phoenix (symbols of male and female, Emperor and Empress). Another common feature is the presence of loop handles around the top, used to tie a lid on. This jar has no such handles, the rim instead being evenly marked with puncture marks, suggestive of a lid (maybe leather) being nailed or somehow stapled in place.


The piece is in perfect condition, the only blemishes being original to the firing when first made. Being made to a similar design for centuries, these are notoriously difficult to age so we would class as 19th century or earlier. It may be Ming, but with no way to say we are selling purely as a decorative 19th century piece.


UK mainland shipping is £75 for one man, kerb side/through your front door delivery. Please contact for international shipping, or a white glove, 2 man service. This is a large, heavy piece. It can be lifted and moved a short way on your own, (the rim is great to hang on to!) but the bulk makes it tricky to move any distance, and you definitely won't be carrying it up any stairs alone.


Huge 18th/19th century Chinese Martaban Jar